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Exercise - Just Do It

Now that Winter is literally coming (along with season 7 of Game of Thrones - who's excited?) let's all do our best to stay physically motivated, because come that fine Spring day, no-one likes to be startled by what may have changed during hibernation.

An extensive 15-year study from Iowa State University showed that for every hour of running you do, it will add seven hours onto your life. So if you run just one hour a week, you're adding on 15 days to your life over a year - imagine that over a lifetime!

But let's face it, not all of us are runners, so think about how you can utilise your precious energy wisely in everything you do.

In Cameron Diaz's 'The Body Book' she writes, "You can exert yourself anywhere! I always look for places in my day to day life where I can add a little more exertion, try a little harder, walk a little faster".

We all have our little quirks when it comes to our favourite ways to move, and here's some of mine to perhaps get your exertion juices flowing too:

  • Traffic light glute squeezes: I actually first started doing these walking around Melbourne on a cold day to keep warm!

  • Shower squats: I pop a treatment in my hair, turn the water off, and squat until the treatment time has finished.

  • Walk to the shops: chances are you've one nearby, and when you walk home, get those bi's and tri's toned holding the bags.

  • Take the stairs: forget the elevator or the escalator! Trust me, you'd be amazed how many you can find if you're looking ;)

And don't forget to SWEAT. As you release toxins and impurities you've accumulated, your circulation improves and your metabolism accelerates - read: fat-burning party at your place!

But above all, let's not fail to mention those happy little Vegemites called endorphins. Right up there with chocolate and cuddles, all I can say is, you know you want to - so "Just Do It!".

Stay beautiful,

- SJ x

Sarah is a qualified journalist and beauty therapist who lives and breathes wellness, and adores DR JW's philosophy.

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