You Are What You Eat!

The Winter Solstice may have passed, but that doesn't mean we can stop pumping our bodies with immunity-boosting, metabolism-loving nutrients. Eating right is a lifetime commitment, not a seasonal one, dear readers!

Have you ever truly considered just how important the saying is 'You are what you eat'?

Feel high after a delicious coffee, then feel like a delicious nap? Eat a 3pm sugary snack that unleashes a wild carbs craving for the rest of the day? Stuff a big chunk-o'cheese, only to leave you with a sore tummy?

Your body is speaking to you - so listen.

And everyone is different, so don't mind what others are eating (I'm talking to you, vegan-haters!) and feel into what's right for you.

Based on research, I've collated a list of ten healing foods you might like to incorporate into your daily feasting.

  • Garlic - lowers cholesterol and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Carrots - rich in several Vitamins as well as fibre.

  • Lemon - supports weight loss and aids digestion.

  • Oily fish - helps prevent cardiovascular disease and provides healthy fats.

  • Eggs - eggcellent for protein and minerals.

  • Leafy greens - Vitamin K and way too much to list here.

  • Blueberries - just half a cup delivers more antioxidants than over 2 cups of broccoli.

  • Oats - a slow-release carbohydrate with great fibre content (also try Steel Cut).

  • Kefir - a fermented 'yoghurt' packed with probiotics and great for gut health.

  • Almonds - this nut is low in calories with great unsaturated fatty acids.

A great way to ensure a balanced diet is by having these foods handy in your fridge or cupboard, and avoid stocking up on the naughty stuff. You'll have nowhere to go, and your palate will start to adjust in no time. Ever noticed how amazing a simple apple tastes when you're being vigilant? Exactly.

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Stay beautiful,

- SJ x

Sarah is a qualified journalist and beauty therapist who lives and breathes wellness, and adores Dr JW's philosophy.