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Stop, Drop, and Breathe...

Think about your day today. What did you do? Can you even remember what you had for breakfast? Scary, right?

In our so-called 'Fast-paced' world we've created, no one could argue against the fact that most of us are caught up in this fictional state of mind. Constantly full of thoughts about the past and the present, none of which serve us in the present moment (unless we're at work doing our jobs of course!).

For thousands of years it's been claimed that simply focusing on your breath can solve many of life's problems, or at least make them seem less significant. Some call it mindfulness, some call it meditation, and apparently they are different, so let's just call it 'Breath Work'.

Life Coach Elise Carr of Stella Muse, puts it in two simple steps:

"Create a spot for yourself to be able to sit comfortably in, and in this sacred space you can explore your breath in safety and stillness. Deep, full-bellied breaths as you inhale and slowly fill your belly like the Buddha. Pause, then take a slow exhale as you bring your belly toward your spine, and pause again. You can repeat this 3-10 times first thing in the morning, throughout your day and/or when you lay down to sleep at night."

If you're not sure what you're doing (but trust me there's no 'wrong') try downloading some apps - I'm currently listening to 'Smiling Mind' and enjoy it's simple and efficient approach.

If you're not keen on doing it alone, there's plenty of groups you can join, or simply take a yoga class - for those that don't know, the practice always ends in 'Savasana', or 'Corpse Pose' - you get the picture.

The beauty of Breath Work is that it is truly for everyone! Male, female, young and old. You'd be surprised how many people practice it but don't talk about it, and that's ok too.

Jerry Seinfeld, fresh off his Australian tour, is a fan:

"I get up and get it in. I'm addicted to the high-function. To me it's a work thing - if you meditate you can get so much work done."

How about taking a few minutes right now to try it? You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

Stay beautiful,

- SJ x

Sarah is a qualified journalist and beauty therapist who lives and breathes wellness, and adores Dr JW's philosophy.

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