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Time out from Tech!

It's no secret we are addicted to our phones. That message alert brings excitement, anticipation, sometimes good news and sometime bad news. The physical reaction our bodies can have to just this simple sound, is something quite un-natural.

I'll put my hand up first and declare I'm an addict. And perhaps like a true addict, I also want to declare I'm probably just a 'normal' user. But normal doesn't mean it's healthy.

The implications of spending copious amounts of time addicted to our device/s are actually more detrimental than we may think...

Author Jean M. Twenge says the average teenager checks their phones 80 times a day:

"The complete dominance of the smartphone among teens has had ripple affects across every area of iGen-er lives, from their social interactions to their mental health."

Of course while she's referring to teens, the problems for adults remain the same.

Many other studies have shown that while there is certainly a relationship between mobile usage and happiness, the key to solving it is about finding the right balance between using it, and human interaction.

There are retreats you can take that ban the use of phones, laptops and other technologies, which would certainly be cleansing, but surely we'd all go back to the same habits eventually. So why don't you try to change your habits yourself? Perhaps only check your social media once a day, turn off alerts for notifications that won't change the course of your day, or turn your mobile data off after 7:30pm (you'll probably sleep sounder too!)

I've recently deleted 4 social media apps from my phone, and haven't missed them whatsoever.

Because above all, happiness comes from within, and it always shows on the outside. But a little Dr JW skincare goes a long way too - life's all about balance, after all ;)

Stay beautiful,

- SJ x

Sarah is a qualified journalist and beauty therapist who lives and breathes wellness, and adores Dr JW's philosophy.

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